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        Tax Returns Miami Lakes

Six  Questions to ask when choosing a Tax Professional

Tax Returns Miami Lakes. Six Questions to ask when Choosing Tax Professional. When do you ask the questions.  Did you get the best refund or had to pay the IRS.  Tax preparer works out of his home part time. Does the bottom of the return  have the tax accountants name on page 2 Call the income tax accountant and line was out of order.  If you you answered your self the questions and got a no. Time to switch and ask questions.

1. How long has your firm been preparing tax returns.

Tax returns Miami Lakes

Tax returns Miami Lakes

Do not go to a person who just started  preparing tax returns. You think your getting a big refund but you get a big Irs  audit letter in a few years. This letter means that you are going to be owing the IRS. Do not go to a person who will not sign the return or puts self prepared.


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2. Are you open year round for tax questions?

If the tax professional works out of their home or part time  desk for a shop, then you will not get in touch with them if you need them after April 15 which leads to no support  if need in the off season.

3. How Do you charge for the tax preparation.

If they charge you based on refund run. Ask if they charge by the form or the hour.

4. What kind of tax returns does your firm prepare?

Do not go to a person if you have a small business or complex return with a person who can only do 1040ez.

5. What what is level of tax accounting experience?

Ask how many years they have been preparing tax returns.

6. Will you provide me with copies of my tax return and the the documents I brought to you?

A good tax office will give you copies of your return in a folder with the firms contact information.

About me:  Corey & Associates Tax Accountants since 1985 assisted clients with their tax issues.  Filed all types of  personal,state,federal and corporate tax return. Evey form and schedule from 1040ez to 1120s which is a corporate tax return.

Office is located just minutes from any where in Miami,Miami Gardends, Miami Lakes, Miami Springs, Doral Hialeah,  and Hialeah.   Come from any where in Dade and Broward counties since just off the  826 express way at NW 122 st. Can call our office year round at 305-823-9228.  Email  Corey & Associates will always give a free consultation. If cannot come to the office fax and email service available.


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