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                                   Income Tax School Credit

      Income Tax School Credit.  Do you pay to go to College, University or a technical school?  The Government will give you a tax credit. On your tax return this will help you.

If you are paying out of your pocket to go to school

l then there is a income tax school credit to help you with some of the burned.  A tax credit is design to deduct the credit from   your tax liability.

What is Tax Liability?

Income Tax School Credit

Income Tax School Credit

Tax Liability is the  amount  tax  you would owe the government after all of your deductions. A refund is when  you gave them more than the tax.

Tax Credit

A tax credit is an amount that you’re allowed to subtract from what you owe in taxes. When you pay college costs, you can subtract a certain amount from your tax bill later on. If your parents pay college expenses for you, they get the tax credit.

               Income Tax School Credit

        What Can the Credit be applied for?

The credit can be applied for course related books and Supplies. It can also be used for tuition and fees.

Lower income tax payers could get some of the credit directly back to them as part of their tax refund.

Who can qualify for the Income Tax School Credit?

The student must be enrolled in graduate School. For a undergraduate studies must be a part time student. This also applies for anyone who is going to Trade or technical school or

other legitimate education credentials

If you are being claimed by a parent then they can take the credit.

If you are not listed as a dependent on another person’s tax form — and you’ve laid out money for college expenses — you can claim the credit.

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