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Tax deductions when you have a Home Based Business

In this Blog Post: Corey & Associates will show you the tax deductions of a home based Business. If you are in a high bracket it will save you money on your tax return. If you like to pay extra money to the Irs than this Blog is not for you.Cell phone ,your car and eating out are the major deductions for a home based business.

Automobile Deductions

Did you know that your car could be major deductions on your tax return if you have a home based business?  Keeping a log book when you get in the car is one of the requirements.   Just talk to someone about your business and that becomes a deduction.  You will never know if that person could be your next client or the prospect who takes off. You can deduct 50 cents a mile.  If live in a state that has tolls they are also deductible.

Cell Phone Deduction

Your cell phone could be a deduction when you have a small business.  To make a deduction you have to make a greeting about your business.  Changing your voice mail is also a requirement.  When you answer your phone you would identify what you would doing. A good example if you are a BAKER, the greeting would be “Best Cakes ever can I help you “. On you voice mail you would put “  Helping a client with a cake of  their  dreams.  Please leave a message and I will make create the cake of your dreams.”

The point here is you are promoting when you answer the phone.  I can tell you that I have make a few more dollars with this tool. You get the I did not know statement.

Out to Dinner Deduction

Did you know that if you go out to eat it could be a tax deduction? You just have to leave a card on the table or ask the server a question about your business.  I was always told never judge a book by its cover. That person could be your next client or prospect that makes your business grow.

Who am I

My name is Albert, Senior Partner with Corey & Associates Tax Accountants. Since 1985 we have been helping the small business owners with their taxes. I have saved my clients lots of tax dollars. The office has generated lots of free clients by doing this. Just call me at 305-823-9228 and you find out my message. If you email me at my auto responder will promote me every time.  This get me the “I did not Know”. If you are in the area come by the office which is located at 1800 W 68 St suite 118,Hialeah, Fl 33014.


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