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PostHeaderIcon Earn Income Credit Tax Returns What need if Self Employed

earn income credit tax returns


Earn Income Credit Tax Returns. What is need if Self Employed.   Internal Revenue Service  has steps need to get the credits. as a list of what is need to get the Eic

credits for Self Employed. Corey Tax since 1984 will help you get the correct amount. Our phone number is 305-823-9228.  The Government is going to require 2 requirements to get the credits. One is a list of your clients and the the other is a list of expenses.

Earn Income Credit Tax Returns

Earn Income Credit Tax Returns

The Internal Revue Service is looking

The list of your clients is as simple as in a book you put your clients and how much they paid you. You should do it every month and make an write down every time you get paid.

Earn Income Credit Tax Returns

A simple way is to get invoices made from a printer or with a programs. The invoice must have your phone number and name on it for IRS to consider it.

If you went out and got a business license or occupation license from your town or county they will also consider it as a real job.

Keeping all of your receipts is a another way to show you have a business. If they are checking and you have lots of receipts then it also shows you have a business.

Should you have income tax preparation questions you can come by the office. Our tax services office is located minutes from Miami,Miami-Dade,Hialeah,Doral,Miami Lakes,Miami Gardens,Opa Locka,or South Broward. If have tax services question you can call us at 305-823-9228 or Email at Corey & Associates has been income tax preparation service since 1984.

Need more tax  Tips and advice go to our home page at IRS.AlbertCorey.Net

Corey & Associates Main Web sight at Http://  you can find  Where is My Tax Return Refund under the resource tab.


If you need to find out why E-File you tax return is important to go to Http//EFILETAX.BIZ




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By Albert Corey Senior Tax Professional

PostHeaderIcon Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Professional

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Return Professional

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Return Professional. Corey & Associates will prepare your 104oez from $19. Just come in to the office and one of our tax professionals will do it for you. Since 1984 they have been helping their clients get the best tax return. Our team of tax preparers have an average experiences of 4 years.  So you can come back year after year and get the same person. Not like the Big boys, H&R Block  or Hewitt Jackson who changes personal every year.  How bout the guy who work in their home. If you have a problem not there. That will not happen with us. We are open during the off season to take care of your needs

Our  Motto is we will get you the best tax return with out you getting an IRS letter. You see a lot of tax office will get you a bigger return. The problem is a letter will come and have to pay it back with interest. You see we want you as a friend not as a clients. Clients only come year. A friend will come for may years to come.

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Professional

Corey Tax services files all federal,state and corporate returns. Every schedule and form will be included with the return.  The work is done in the most advance program systems in the industry.  All returns are E-FILE free of charge.

We have the best referral pay out. If you send us a new client can get up to $30 cash. When did our competition do that.

If you need some tax advice videos go and click this link to our You Tube Channel.

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More tax tip and tricks can be found on this home page just click here

Earn Income Credit: How to get them can be found just by click here

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Professional

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Professional

Tax Return $19 Prepared Income Tax Professional

Tax return $19 Prepared  Income Tax Professional  305-823-9228

Tax Return $19 Prepared Tax Professional. You get up to $30 when you send a friend to Corey & Associates

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PostHeaderIcon Tax Child Income Return tax Credits how to get them?

Earned Income Credits

Earned income credits the amount of your refund that is the amount of your refund the Irs said you get for being low income. There are certain rules that you must follow to get money. They are now cranking down on the EIC fraud.

To get the credit you must follow the rules or you will not get them.

Most of the delay in your return is when  you are getting the credits.

The rule said you must have a qualified child.

Below are some of the rules to be a qualified child.

1. Child must live in the  taxpayer home for over half a year. The tax payer must pay over half the cost of the home.

2. If Married must combine the income for one tax return. This means that if you are married you must file one tax return and not 2 for the same house.

3. The tax payer cannot just “give the child” to some one else because they do not work. This happens a lot when if some one is on underemployment or owe money to the government they tend to give the child to someone so the credit does not get wasted.

The above rules are found in he Internal Revue Service web address which is WWW.IRS.GOV. The IRS is cranking down so make your you file the return correctly or you never see your refund.

Should you have any questions please call our office. We are Corey and Associates. Since 1984 has been in the Tax Accounting Services for our clients. Now we are a Register Tax Preparers. We are trained to get your the correct and accurate return.

To contact us the phone number is 305-823-9228









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