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PostHeaderIcon Fictitious Business Name, DBA

Fictitious Business Name DBA

Fictitious Business Name or DBA. How does it effect your business.File DBa for their Legal Business Operation for  Fictitious business name  DBA (Doing Business As), or commonly known as Fictitious Business


Name, for their legal business operation. This aims to give maximum protection to clients who own a business and help inform the public about the true owner of a certain business where they are trying to avail services or purchase the products they need.

Aside from Fictitious Business name, DBA is also known as a trade name or assumed business aims. It is characterized as a consumer protection that helps in preventing dishonest business owners from working under different names. This serves as an aid for avoiding legal trouble in cases where they operate under a different name. Corey & Associates Accounting Services provide services to those businesses in filing DBA. They

assist clients start their own business, protect their assets, save time money and their credibility in the market.

Filing DBA with the help of professional accountants from Corey & Associates Accounting Services helps clients benefit on their business venture as they comply with the law. DBA is commonly filed by sole proprietors who are planning to conduct their business under the name that is

Fictitious Business Name DBA

Fictitious Business Name DBA

different from their own name. DBA is also filed by those who formed LLC (limited liability company) or those who have incorporated and are now planning to operate under different name from the name of their LLC or company.

Fictitious Business Name DBA

Corey & Associates Accounting Services helps sole proprietors use a common business name without making formal legal entity which helps them save money in conducting their business legally. This accounting firm legal  professional and competent accountants that can help LLC and corporations operate under multiple business names without creating separate legal entities for each of their business.

Corey & Associates Accounting Services had been servicing clients around Miami-Dade, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Doral, and Miami Gardens area since 1984. It is a tax accounting office that helps clients prepare all the needed state federal as well as corporate returns and forms for their legal business operation. They help clients in choosing the right kind of corporation that matches their need and requirements. They also give free consultation services and guide their clients in their internal revenue service as well as state process.

This legal firm is located at 1800 W 68 St suite 118, Hialeah, Fl 33014. They continue to provide great customers service to clients with their friendly staff as well as quick return and cost-effective services.

For more information on Corey & Associates Accounting Services, visit its official website at For inquiries contact them at 305-823-9228 or email them at

Company: Corey & Associates Accounting Services
Address: 1800 W 68 St suite 118, Hialeah, Fl 33014
Contact No.: 305-823-9228

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Fictitious Business Name DBA,Fictitious Business Name DBA

By Albert Corey Senior Tax Professional

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Income Tax Deductions

      Income Tax Deductions. Eating out could be a major business deduction  We will show you how you might be able to deduct them. If you are in a high bracket it will save you money on your tax return. If you like to pay extra money to the Irs than this Blog is not for you.

Going out to dinner could be a major tax deduction?

                  Income Tax Deduction Out to Dinner Deduction

     Did you know that if you go out to eat it could be a tax deduction? You never know that your server or someone you talk you could be your next client.  There are several ways you can get this deduction.

                                               Leaving Cards on the Table
income tax deductions

      The most common way is to talk to the server or leave a card on the table.  Most servers always say that this job is only temporary.  A little small talk could make this happen. Just ask them are they open to your business. Saying no is the worst think that the server could say to you. Leaving a card on the table is the other way. Not as effective but either way you never know if they are going to call you.  For tax purposes, since you are conducting business this is a deduction.

Talking about your Business

Talking about your business with a client, family or friend is another way to make out for a meal a income tax deduction. The sad or funny part if you go out with your friends or family the conversation will always go back to your business.

How to get the income tax  deduction?

To get the dinner deduction one should get a receipt of the meal.  Most of the time the Irs will accept a bank statement. Just make a note how the dinner was  used for business.

    Corey & Associates has been preparing tax returns since 1984. Our tax professionals are trained to get all the income tax deductions. We make sure to get the best tax refund with our an IRS letter.         

In future blogs will show you how to get other income tax deductions.

If you have any tax preparation questions please call our office 305-823-9228. The office is located at 1800 W 68 St suite 118,Hialeah,Fl 33014. We are located minutes way from anywhere in Miami, Miami-Dade, Miami Gardens,Hialeah Gardens, Miami Lakes or any part of North Miami Dade. Just take the 826 express way at the NW 122 st exit.

More tax tips and videos can be found on our main page at .  At our main web page we have Where is My Refund.  A tab to get you any tax form that you will need.   Click her for our You Tube Channel to find the latest tax Videos. Keep up with the latest tax at our Facebook page. Click here to like us
Why you need to EFILE tax return at

Income tax deductions need to go on special forms.

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